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Customer Satisfaction: Measuring and Monitoring with ISO 10004 - Live Online

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Customer Satisfaction Is Why We Exist - Let's Find Out More About It!

Have you ever thought that knowing more about your customers could help you be more profitable? Didn't know where to start monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction? In these three 3-hour live online sessions (9 hours in all) we'll cover the guidance in ISO 10004:2018 to explore the advantages of a structured approach to measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction

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How Can ISO 10004 Help Us?

We’ll cover these topics during the three 1/2 days of training:

  • Why should we care about customer satisfaction?
  • What are the concepts and guiding principles of measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction?
  • How do we plan, design and develop a framework for this?
  • Who should be doing this?
  • How do we 'Operate' a program like this?
  • What's involved with measuring this process's effectiveness and improving it?
  • How can we benefit from using ISO 10004?

    Who is this for?

    This is for you if you have customers and want to find out how well you're doing from their perspective, not just yours! Many organizations take a haphazard approach to measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction because they don't know where to start or just can't be bothered. ISO 10004 includes concepts, principles, a framework and guidance for planning/designing/developing a process to get you started. It also includes guidance on operation of these activities including 'direct' and 'indirect' measures of customer satisfaction. 

    Application Work at participants’ sites

    • Identify how the definitions apply [Clause 3]
    • Determine how the Concepts and Guiding Principles are being applied in their organization for assessing customer satisfaction [Clause 4]
    • Develop a Framework to measure and monitor customer satisfaction [Clause 5]
    • Define purpose and objectives of the customer satisfaction processes [6.1]
    • Create a set of criteria for the assessments and develop a timetable [6.2]
    • Develop and implement the methods and assign responsibility for carrying out the program [6.3]
    • Allocate resources for the program [6.4]
    • Identify a means to determine customer expectations (e.g. product/service line, geography, business interactions, sales) [7.2]
    • Gather and analyze customer satisfaction data [7.3, 7.4]
    • Establish and implement a method to review and communicate the results [Clause 7.5]
    • Monitor and measure customer satisfaction [7.6]
    • Develop a method to assess the effectiveness of the monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction [8]


    • Understanding of how the definitions in ISO 10004 apply
    • Understanding of the guiding principles for customer satisfaction and a sense of how they could be applied
    • Creation and implementation of the framework to monitor and measure Customer Satisfaction
    • Processes to be used in a customer satisfaction assessment program system will be created and implemented
    • Monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction will have begun – measurement tools will be in place and activity will have begun
    • Conclusions about the level of satisfaction for the chosen target areas will be available for review by Management and other interested parties

    Training delivery uses the Learning Alliance '80/20' model - 80% participant exercises, 20% Material Presentation (lectures). Participants work individually, in pairs and in groups of 3. The presentations are live on line and fully interactive - video and audio. The Instructor is available after the course for support.

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